Pcs specializes in solutions that are at the high end of the organization value hierarchy. Our in-depth knowledge of processes, technology combined with our experience enables us to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers across many industry segments.
Quality Assurance
Application Service
Business Intelligence
Business Analytics

At PCS, our focus is to provide you flexible, configurable enterprise solutions to complex business problems. We build ‘Smart Solutions’ to support your business needs and offer consulting services for implementations, upgrades, migrations, prototyping, customizations and end-user training for all ERP Applications. We also extend support and maintenance for all ERP Applications.

PCS offerings support your incessantly changing business needs. Our proven ability to anticipate market needs enables us to provide the appropriate solutions. Our solutions are based on a comprehensive collection of industry best practices, prebuilt integrations, process methodologies, and integration tools that enable our customers to get more value and synergy from their ERP investments. They also provide composite services and functionality that meet the needs of business in a timely manner, to integrate and enhance existing systems and processes without the burden of expensive and risky upgrades.

We validate our business processes by determining your information system requirements and design solutions that include appropriate hardware and software technology. With an in-depth understanding of the best ERP and enterprise applications available, we can guide you through the selection process and will help you make the right software and hardware decisions.

We take the time to learn your business inside out, analyze your problems, define your needs and clarify your goals. We're your ERP partner from start to finish, transferring knowledge throughout the process, so that when the project is complete, your enterprise is running at full speed with a completely integrated work force.

PCS Implementation Methodology
at PCS we provide advisory services to help enterprises develop the roadmap for implementing an ERP strategy. This includes:
• Defining Standardization Rules for Business Processes
• Defining ERP Strategy
• Providing Application Support
• Providing Audits and Upgrades
We offer complete end to end implementations, upgrades and migrations for new ERP solutions. Our Offshore delivery model ensures a 24x7 service support for all implementations. PCS has dedicated teams for the following application solutions:
• Microsoft
• Oracle
• JD Edwards
• People soft
• I2
• Siebel
• Ariba
Customer Relationship Management

PCS can help you leverage the power of CRM, enabling you to meet the expectations of today's demanding customers, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and boost sales.

Supply Chain Management

PCS can help you untangle and streamline your supply chain through our ERP implementation expertise allowing you to lower costs, improve communication with suppliers, and expand into new areas.                                   Top

Quality Assurance

Effective test management ensures the delivery of quality software projects. Every requirement needs proper test coverage, and when issues are uncovered during the testing phase, these defects need to be accurately tracked, evaluated and resolved. Our Software Quality Assurance solutions provide standardization and improved efficiency allowing test teams to deliver higher quality applications in less time.

At PCS, we provide a right-sized, cost-effective blend of onsite, onshore, and offshore testing capability. We can architect and implement the right blended model with the right resources at the right location to get your real world testing done right. We are dedicated to supporting software development projects for clients who need to deliver high quality products to their customers, reduce testing time in the project life cycle, and improve upon existing testing practices.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the means to produce the highest quality applications possible on time and within budget. Our focus is to help your organization ensure that our client projects are with superlative quality.

Why is Quality Assurance Important?

Testing is often the most expensive part of the software development process, but is a critical component for a successful release to market. PCS QA Solutions will:
• Provide management with the appropriate decision making ability
• Verify that all business requirements are met and function correctly
• Identify risk, failure points, and potential problems prior to release
• Identify unforeseen issues that might lead to project failure.
• Identify software defects early in the development process.
• Verify product reliability
• Aid in releasing a product on time and within budget
• Reduce the costs of development
• Provide a competitive product different from competition
PCS offers a broad range of expert software testing services for testing many different types of software applications, including:
• Testing client/server applications
• Testing database products
• Testing educational software
• Testing embedded software
• Testing consumer electronics
• Testing web applications
• And other software quality projects

Manual Testing

PCS’ highly experienced, low-cost, reliable software testers will help you meet and exceed your quality goals. Our testers can be used to reduce the cost of existing manual testing efforts, or may be used as additional resources during periods of increased need for manual testing. PCS software testers have the capacity and flexibility to provide manual QA services including: functional testing, compatibility testing, configuration and installation testing, and regression testing.

Automated Testing

we help you device a complete automated solution by:
• Defining the test strategy and methodology
• Selecting the right testing tools to support that methodology
• Defining, building and executing automated test cases
Apart from manual and automated testing we also have extensive experience in the full breadth of software testing applications including:
• Agile testing
• API testing
• Automation, script development and execution
• Black box testing
• Configuration and installation testing
• Database testing
• Exploratory testing
• Functional testing
• Grey box testing
• Manual software testing
• Offshore testing
• Performance testing / load testing
• Regression testing
• White box testing
Loading the testing services
Predicting performance capabilities is a critical component of the development process and is essential to success. It is also a daunting task to undertake for any software testing organization. PCS utilizes the latest available tools and expertise to ensure that our client organization will meet this critical challenge and be prepared to successfully launch new software systems that meet or exceed performance expectations.

Offshore Delivery Services

when delivering software testing services, PCS makes use of both onshore and offshore testing teams. Our onshore management resources are well versed at interfacing and communicating with the offshore testing teams and with the testing organizations of our onshore customers. Communication is further supported by the use of effective team-based management tools and methodologies.

Recognized in cost-effective software testing methodology, PCS can successfully build upon any existing test suites, scripts, methodologies or tools currently in use in our client’s organization for automated or manual software testing services. Our flexibility and long drawn experience allow us to easily adapt and do what makes sense for our customers to deliver custom software testing solutions that can test more software, better, faster and at lower cost.

Java/.Net Architectures

Custom Development with .NET
PCS’ dedicated Microsoft practice develops high-performance solutions in current and emerging Microsoft technologies like .NET tools. We create and sustain value for our customers by building world-class solutions, on time and within budget. Our demonstrated expertise across .Net technologies, tools, servers and our proven project methodology sets us apart from other service providers. Our iterative approach significantly reduces time-to-market while our processes allow customers to enjoy the benefits of pre-fabricated common code modules. We employ both agile development processes and traditional methods of software development.

Our software teams are also adept at adapting to the client methods and standards depending on what our customers prefer. In either case, we follow clearly defined phases, activities, and deliverables to ensure error-free and smooth development cycles. Our wide spectrum of services includes web application development, legacy to web migrations, platform development, content management and maintenance.

We have built robust commercial websites as well as many back-office business applications using both ASP.NET and Windows Forms (Client Server) .NET technologies. Not only do we have the ability to develop the application, but also to ensure it is Secure, Scalable, Extensible and Maintainable.

The focus of our .NET experience is with Database driven applications utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. We also have extensive experience utilizing .NET for data integrations with disparate applications. A large number of these integrations have involved XML based source and destination data and our team is proficient in generating and manipulating XML based data using .NET.

Our advanced .NET Architecture Solutions enable customer organizations to use leading-edge .NET technologies to create innovative custom solutions. Our consultants are leading experts in advanced .NET architecture and design with years of experience working on enterprise systems and with advanced web technologies, including:
• Windows Communication Framework (WCF)
• Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
• Web Services
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Ajax Technologies
• .NET 3.0 and above
• Silver light

Our Advanced .NET Architecture service offerings include:

• Architecture Assessment: PCS consultants work with customers in assessing their overall implementation strategy and propose solutions / best practices for Services Oriented Architecture (SOA). PCS consultants also work with customers in performing architecture assessments of their existing applications
• Migration: our consultants can migrate customer applications from other technologies such as JAVA Cold Fusion to .NET. Our team is experienced with these technologies to perform appropriate assessments and suggest a plan for migration.
• Custom Development: Our team can create custom applications to meet any customer need. Our custom application development uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Workflow Foundation.
Custom Development with J2EE
Custom Application Development helps our clients meet business goals to the T, especially when packaged software does not address the requirement effectively. PCS’ Custom Application Development practice encompasses a wide range of services on the J2EE and Open Source platforms. We specialize in providing full Java and J2EE software solutions for the enterprise, offering on-site, off-site and offshore development services. This allows our clients to concentrate on their own business expertise, while we develop part or all of their application. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality end-product, taking ownership of and treating each project as though it were for our own use.

Our J2EE competency allows our customers to leverage the best practices, reusable components, and rapid implementation frameworks, along with the experience of our highly qualified J2EE architects and developers. This, combined with our domain expertise and our proven project delivery methodology, uniquely positions us to add maximum value by reducing the total project costs.

Our Java technology services include:

Enterprise Solutions:
• E-Business applications development
• Legacy systems migration to Java / J2EE technology
• Application Integration with Enterprise systems
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) development
• Application maintenance & enhancement
• Software Product Development Solutions:
OEM design & development
• Dedicated offshore engineering teams (ODC)
• Platform migration, testing & validation services
• Enterprise application integration solutions
• Product support, sustenance & lifecycle management
Overview of our domain expertise:
• Design and implementation of J2EE applications
• Enhancing J2EE software applications
•Application integration : Integrating J2EE applications - Application integration like Intranet /Extranet Applications, CRM, legacy applications, supply chain management
• Product development - Our capabilities and expertise in Java product development helps customer to design, develop, maintain and support
• Application porting
• Testing of components and software applications
• Java product development
• Design and development of J2EE / J2ME applications
• Porting of applications from other architectures to J2EE framework
• Java / J2EE component development
• J2EE based web application development
• J2EE portable multi-tier enterprise applications using Enterprise Java Beans components, Java Servlets, Java server pages, JMS, XML technology, web services

Our Java programming team employs well-established software development processes and quality control to ensure effective management of projects. The software development methodology practiced at our offshore division ensures suitable development process transparency for our customers. Languages supported by us include: Java, J2EE, Ruby /Perl/Python. Web / App servers used are Weblogic, JBoss, Web Sphere, Tomcat / Jetty. Some of the frameworks with which we work include Spring, Struts, JSF, J2EE, JMS, Axis / Xfire / Glue and Mule.                                                                                                       Top

Application Service

PCS Application Services has a reputation for delivering quality business solutions at a lower total cost of ownership than traditional systems integration consulting firms. Our proven performance is built on a foundation that has been delivering value to clients for more than 5 years. Today, PCS Application Services provides our clients with focused expertise in IT Consulting, Application Development, Application Maintenance and Testing Services. We are able to leverage this expertise via a flexible delivery model, which includes onsite, offsite, and offshore resources.

PCS Application Services has delivered hundreds of projects to various organizations in the telecommunications, health care, financial, energy, distribution and manufacturing, and government sectors. Our application solutions have included providing customers with high-volume order management solutions, automated clearing house data warehouse solutions for national banks, web registration solutions for the Project Management Institute, web services and fully integrated application suites for health care organizations.                                                                                      Top

Business Intelligent

From turn-key solutions to staff augmentation support, PCS offers smart thinking, proven industry experience and a global perspective for the development of flexible solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

At PCS, it's our business to make businesses run more effectively, strategically and tactically - through information technology.

To remain leaders in their fields, our customers need to access and analyze vast amounts of valuable data at a moment's notice, with the ability to share the resulting knowledge with colleagues, customers and suppliers. PCS' Business Intelligence practice leverages years of experience to design and implement efficient BI programs and applications that enable customers to access data that facilitates better decision making and results, for a true competitive advantage.

Whether you need one-time assistance with a facet of your BI capabilities or long-term, fully-managed overall BI solutions, PCS will work with your company's existing data sources to take your operational knowledge to the next level.

PCS Business Intelligence Solutions:
• Provides a total solution to address our client's business issues
• Provides quick and timely ROI, while positioning our clients for future growth
• Enables client self-sufficiency, to maintain and evolve their systems through collaborative model and knowledge transfer
•Provides shorter time-to-deployment using experienced team of professionals, best in class tools and a proven delivery approach.
•Enables customers to expand and improve their operational efficiencies and strategic investments, while achieving business performance goals and related metrics.                                                                                                       Top

Business Analytics

You've licensed SAS BI . . . now what? PCS can partner with you to develop a road map that outlines how your organization can gain the most value from your SAS BI investment. From requirements gathering to report development to dashboard creation, PCS has the SAS BI developers and architects that you need to make your use of the BI solution a success. Our team is experienced with:

• Data Design and Architecture
• Metadata Management
• Security Plan Development
• Leveraging OLAP Cubes to help create strategic and important drill down reports
• Custom Report Development
• Creating and customizing Executive Dashboards and custom portlets in the
• Information Delivery Portal
• Providing workshops for clients on how to effectively use the BI clients such as Add-in for Microsoft Office, Enterprise Guide, Web Report Studio, Information Delivery Portal, Management Console and Information Map Studio            Top

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